Four Poems / 詩四首



Estrangement / 疏離




The Permeating Solitude

This piece is written based on the idea that singularity can be expressed in various ways. Even though the destination where every figure departs or diverges seems to be announced, every moment and every single sound is still unique. Since the music is always changing while voices are crossing each other, this single individuality is no longer the same as it is by itself, for it is superimposed and magnified. Just like a metaphor for everything, is that they can not only be defined in themselves, but also in the relationship with others.



Fragile Removing

The piece Fragile Removing is about the fragility of consciously removing something. The act of removal is a deliberate decision, and what makes it fragile is that it is only conscious; when one consciously removes something, it leaves a piece of itself in the subconscious – even though the subconscious is the deepest part of human percipience that most people are not even aware of, it is still the strongest one. It is like a journey of life: something happens, affects, and then gets abandoned, but after all of this it is still there. It never goes away, it is just forgotten.

Intimate Rejection

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the tension between two totally opposite words and the hierarchy they create. Often I find it at some level is also a kind of reflection of humanity. Intimate Rejection is one of them. In this piece I attempt to restrain myself from having too many choices. It speaks less, but means more.



White Lie / 善意的謊言


Retrogradable Dilution

This piece is inspired by a genre of film called meta-film, in which has a strong affinity
with self-reference or self-reflexivity. The kind of often-superimposition immerses in the
body of work, particularly the aesthetic illusion it creates is fascinating. Thus I wrote this
short poem regarding to the philosophical idea of it.

Lost Touch With Oneself

I had a conversation with my teacher about one of American painter Jackson Pollock's famous quotes: "It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well." My teacher disagreed with it, because he thought in music it is different. In music, one can always go back and retrace oneself, but in painting you can't. What interested me was "what if the work itself is just about getting lost?"

In this piece, new sounds/materials/ideas keep penetrating the already established sound world and eventually taking over of it. This process happens over and over again; instead of following directions on the map, it is more like one is really 'lost' and being taken by what comes next.

Fissured Words

For some reason I often see words as water. In Fissured Words, there are many wave-like figures. The fragmented, individual events contribute to the larger context in different ways; sometimes it's linear, sometimes it happens vertically. Words work the same way; sometimes you don't really get what you think you get.